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This series is a video recording of the recording of the podcast "The Roles We Play" on  It is minimally edited and simply allows you to see our wonderful faces as we record it.  The Roles We Play is a series created by Ron Leota that just gets a little extra shine on Dying of Exposure as Steve is a cohost.

Ron Leota of Ostari Games and Attention Span Games has now made the foolish choice in having Steve from Dying of Exposure as his permanent cohost on the podcast series, The Roles We Play. Ron comes from a world of independent tabletop and LARP development (which he has done via Leota Role-Playing for nearly the last decade) and a world of podcasting (NW Nerdcast for several years in several iterations). He plays tabletop, live action, and video game style roleplaying games and the series, the Roles We Play, dives into the specifics of what makes gaming worth losing yourself in. Steve Kelsey, while not a LARPer, has spent his life playing RPGs both digital and of the table variety and enjoys a good conversation about the aspects of entertainment culture that include immersion and escapism.

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