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Meet the Team

Steve “C0splay” Kelsey is the creator of and indentured servant to, Dying of Exposure.  This old millennial has been in tech support for years and finally abandoned that and the security of a regular paycheck for the much safer career of creating content for the internet.  A terrible bassist in subpar bands for years, this Northwestern Yeti of a man currently works on music for Death*Star and his solo project, Steve, both of which are nerdcore hip hop acts, and writes content for the fan zine Star Trek Quarterly.  There’s convention content, panels, and other bits of creativity that manage to slither away from the grasp of Dying of Exposure, but now all the interests, hobbies, friends, relationships, and credit scores are tied up here. 


Steve currently appears in the following series:


Two Yoked Bros

Bill & Steve’s Excellent Adventure

The Elderbop Archives

Softball Fastpitch

Highly Illogical

Composer Composure

Pilot Treason


*One day he hopes to not be in every damn thing on Dying of Exposure, but for now, sure, pile it on.

Nick “Bill Beats” Thompson is a producer and DJ from the northwest.  Along with suffering multiple music projects with Steve and Death*Star, he also produces, records, and mixes and masters arts like Shubzilla, MC Ohm-I, Hooligoons, Mynd the Villain, and so many others.  He runs Noir Grime Studios, and can photograph, direct music videos, make a beat, record and mix/master you, all in one place.  He can also eat unlimited sugar and REFUSE TO GROW THE MOST MIGHTY BEARD!


Nick Currently appears in the following series:

Bill & Steve’s Excellent Adventure

Shiboo “Shubzilla” Blalack is by far the busiest person amongst the contributors to Dying of Exposure.  Shubz is a touring nerdcore and hip hop musician along with Bill Beats, as well as a founding member and head of merchandise for Geek Girl Con.  She is also a full time mother, a dancer, a common guest on panelists, runs a Patreon, a novice producer, a show promotor, and the list goes on.  Between housing touring artists through the northwest, putting on the monthly Friday Night Get Down Hip Hop showcase, and the other dozen plates she keeps spinning, she manages to encourage and create community for various musical acts.


Shubz Currently appears in the following series:


Two Yoked Bros Reviews
You About to Learn

Jess "MC-3PO" Hart is the resident Gen-Xer of the group.  He is good with the, what's the word.. oh, words!  He is the other MC in Death*Star and has worked with other artists in the nerdcore hip hop community as well as been able to drink a team of people under the table.  Jess is also a father, performs marriage ceremonies, and possibly Nick's father (the math is unclear on that).  Jess is and will be providing a lot of the written content for Dying of Exposure and will tell you what podcasts to listen to, what books to read, what booze to drink, and what are the 10 most common countries forgotten when people are attempting to list all the current countries across the globe.


Jess Currently appears in, and writes for, the following series:


Fastpitch Softball

Movie Mashups

Bad Times for Bad Guys

Fortnitely Fortune (A Geek Zodiac)

Josh "Klopfenpop" Klopfenstein is not a human being.  He is a collection of very specific interests that are simultaneously both narrow and accessible, both frivolous and filled with extreme depth.  I hope you like learning about accapella, fuses inside of amplifiers, and snacks from across the globe!  Josh is also a father, a husband, a full time professional at a mysterious medical facility, a nerdcore rapper, a consummate producer, and responsible for 5% of Youtube's traffic in regards to explanation and history videos in the realm of music.  Josh is the creator of the Nerdcore Vocalist Producer Challenge, as well as a staunch advocate of adding bitters to beverages.  


Josh Currently appears in the following series:

The Elderbop Archives