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The Interview Series - Lex the Lexicon Artist

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Dying of Exposure: The Interview Series is the series that gives Dying of Exposure it's name. Steve hosts interviews with various creatives, makers, and artists who have focused their craft or dream or passion into their full time careers and discusses their life and their experience with them. In this episode, Steve speaks with Lex the Lexicon artist about her new album, being a cerebral pop rap artist, nerdcore hip hop, touring (or rather not) in a time of pandemic, and her evolution on her newest and second LP, Alter Ego. Lexicon has toured nationally three times, has appeared about Magfest, SXSW, contentions, bars, parties, and in front of her own mirror countless times, and came out of Oakland but has recently made the move to New York. She's got thoughts, she's got insight, and she's got a great new album! Find out more about Lex the Lexicon Artist at the Links Below: The Website: The Youtube: The Facebook: The Instagram: The Twitter: Listen and Purchase the Music, INCLUDING THE NEW ALBUM ALTER EGO! The Bandcamp: The Spotify: The Apples: And remember to like and subscribe to Dying of Exposure here on Youtube and follow us @DyingofExposure on the social Medias (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Thanks for watching!



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