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Review, Rework, Recall - Hidden Gems Episode 1 - Enemy Mine

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Hidden Gems is a Dying of Exposure series where Jess and Steve focus on pieces of cinema, television, and other media that may be disappearing into the past. We breakdown what makes each piece worthwhile and why you should watch it and where you can find it. In this first episode Steve and Jess discuss a science fiction classic, 1985's Enemy Mine, starring Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. This great piece of 80s science fiction is intimate, meaningful, and deserves a first, second, or 30th look. We talk about the cast, the background, the novella it is based on, the crew, and the score. We hope that this either instigates or reminds you of why you should watch Enemy mine so you too can enjoy this classic piece of genre film. You can buy or rent Enemy mine on Youtube itself: You can also listen to the soundtrack, also on Youtube: Any and all scenes of Enemy Mine included in this video are meant as display and critique pieces, and not owned or created by Dying of Exposure. All content in said scenes is originally owned by 20th Century Fox, and the music in the background of the video is simply from Maurice Jarre's score for Enemy Mine. Thank you for watching the first episode of Hidden Gems. We appreciate you and hope you'll hit like and subscribe on Youtube, as well as follow us social media @dyingofexposure. Until next time. Have a great day


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