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You Bout to Learn Episode 1 Cats the Movie

You 'Bout to Learn is a series where Shubzilla explains bits and bobs of fandom to Steve, and anyone else listening, that wants to be properly educated in them. In this first episode, we learn about Cats, the movie, and the musical behind it. Shubzilla breaks down the problems with the film, the bad casting, and answers questions like what a TV show would be like, which one would marry Sonic the Hedgehog, and which Jellicle cats she would place in order of F*ck, Marry, Kill.

Which one would you F*ck, Marry, or Kill?

What's your Jellicle name? Utilize one of the below sites to find the Jellicle inside of you: (That's right, ANGELFIRE Site) or

All stock videos of cats are royalty free and permitted by the below two sites:

Free Stock Videos by Videezy:

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