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Vocalist Producer Challenge (VPC) Reviews!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Nerdcore Hip Hop is a sub-genre of hip hop focused most often on geek and fan culture. Steve, a member of the nerdcore group Death*Star, has been involved in the community for a number of years (more than 10 at this point).

The Nerdcore Hip Hop community on Facebook runs a nearly annual contest called the Vocalist Producer Challenge where they receive limitations and challenges and create songs together as teams of two (MC and Producer). Two Yoked Bros is/was a series of casual Youtube reviews, critiques, and reactions to each rounds submissions. We are now on VPC 6, and we have the round 1 reviews up in 3 parts (over three hours of content) which you can see below. Through the first two videos, Steve is joined by friend and fellow artist, Shubzilla. You can also listen to all these tracks by going to the Round One page. There's over 40 of them, so buckle in!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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