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Snackventurism Episode 1 Thanksgiving Candy

Josh and Steve from Dying of Exposure discuss the ins and outs of snacking in the Snackventurism series. In our first episode, we see the two enjoying the Thanksgiving Candy Treats of Lofty Pursuits. Stuffing, yams, Merlot, and hams to be enjoyed (also other flavors to) by two men who snack, a lot. Like, a lot as in all of the time. Like, if you were to discuss with one of them a concept, relating it to food would help them more easily understand said concept. Don't forget to like and subscribe if you enjoy our snacking channel and or the other content on Dying of Exposure.

Links below:

Lofty Pursuits Main Website:

Their Online Ordering Store:

We also mention some other things in this episode, like our favorite drive through and independent snacks. See the below links for that!

The Local Goodies (Greater Seattle Area) are at:

Boo Han Market (ohmbop and hodduk)

The Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach (Mini Donuts, Elephant Ears, Corn Dogs)

And finally the fast and easy snacks this time are from:

Jack in the Box (2 Tacos)

Wendy's (Baked Potato Side)

All of the food is delicious, good value, and the candies from Lofty Pursuits is great. Like and subscribe, follow us @dyingofexposure on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Check out our podcast on



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