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Snackventurism - Baja Blasted - Josh vs. Mountain Dew vs. Gatorade

Josh takes on the Baja Blast myth that Taco Bell's (in)famous Baja Blast is simply Mountain Dew and Cool Blue Gatorade. He tries ratios, he tries color matching, and it never seems to be quite right. A little quick outdoor quarantine experiment from Josh is just the thing to quench your thirst... for KNOWLEDGE! ... I hate myself Edited by: Steve Recorded and Tested by: Josh If you want to try Baja Blast, go to a Taco Bell. If you don't want to put on any clothes, order it online: *This video was not sponsored by Baja Blast, Mountain Dew, Taco Bell, or anything else. All Images were sourced via Taco Bell's websites, Mountain Dew's website, or Thanks for watching and follow @DyingofExposure on Twitter and Facebook, like and subscribe to this Youtube Channel for more!


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