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House Kelven Presents A Conversation of Candy - Episode 4 [SPOILERS]

Steve and Kelsey are big fans of the actual play D&D series from CollegeHumor/Dropout - Dimension 20. This season (their 5th series) is set in the world of Calorum, a food pyramid based fantasy world with all the food groups as kingdoms under a recent empire. Episode 3 has them coming to the capital of the Concord of Calorum [SPOILERS] THAT. TOURNAMENT. WAS. DOPE!!!! In the fourth episode, the second combat episode, we see our intrepid heroes at a tournament? Nothing bad could happen? Right? RIGHT!?!?! Well, stuff does happen and we break down the minis, the action, the drama, the spilled wine, the great action and the just general intensity of episode 4. Enjoy our thoughts on Lapin's Big Day and question your faith in the Bulb in this discussion of just some top shelf roleplaying. Background Music from: Yakov Golman Tracks - Forest March Valse_orchestral License Utilized: No changes (minus volume and looping) applied to tracks Check out his tracks: Like and subscribe to the video and enjoy @dyingofexposure on twitter and Facebook



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