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House Kelven Presents A Conversation of Candy - Episode 3 [SPOILERS]

Steve and Kelsey are big fans of the actual play D&D series from CollegeHumor/Dropout - Dimension 20. This season (their 5th series) is set in the world of Calorum, a food pyramid based fantasy world with all the food groups as kingdoms under a recent empire. Episode 3 has them coming to the capital of the Concord of Calorum [SPOILERS] In the third episode we find our intrepid heroes heading into Comida after combat on the road. We meet a ton of characters. Who can they trust? Who will win the in the tourney? Will Jet get together with her wide-bottomed avocado beau? (Spoiler, she will not). A session of intrigue and fantastic character is in store and we have thoughts, so many, many thoughts. Background Music from: Yakov Golman Tracks - Forest March Valse_orchestral License Utilized: No changes (minus volume and looping) applied to tracks Check out his tracks: Like and subscribe to the video and enjoy @dyingofexposure on twitter and Facebook

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