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House Kelven Presents A Conversation of Candy - Episode 2 [SPOILERS]

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Steve and Kelsey are big fans of the actual play D&D series from

CollegeHumor/Dropout - Dimension 20. This season (their 5th series) is set in the world of Calorum, a food pyramid based fantasy world with all the food groups as kingdoms under a recent empire. Episode 2 is our first combat, and WE. WERE. SHOOK! [SPOILERS]

In the second episode we see our first fight with our intrepid heroes, the change in how the combat will be tonally be, the importance of initiative order, the drama, the weapons, the minifigs, and just some wonderful moments.

We are both grateful to the fan community of Dimension 20 who create great art we make sure to show in this video. All art belongs to the creators of said fan art, or Dimension 20/CollegeHumor themselves.

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