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You Bout to Learn Episode 2 - Castlevania

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

You 'Bout to Learn is a series where Shubzilla explains bits and bobs of fandom to Steve, and anyone else listening, that wants to be properly educated in them. In the second episode of You Bout to Learn with Shubzilla, we get to be educated a bit more on the Castlevania lore and franchise in general in celebration of Castlevania: Season 3 on Netflix. Shubzilla explains the homeowner woes of when Dracula moves into your neighborhood, living with roommates, and the journey of her education in the series. Steve learns that Castlevania's minibosses are terribly named. He also learns that while the music is awesome, the anime is super sweet, he maybe doesn't need to play through EVERY Castlevania game. Give it a watch and listen! Follow Shubzilla and Bill Beats on the following platforms: And remember to like and subscribe to Dying of Exposure and follow us on Facebook/instagram/twitter @DyingofExposure Music Covers Through Episode Sourced From Below Links: BG Ollie - Soundole VGM Covers - Mklachu - The Game Brass - Soundole VGM Covers - The Warp Zone - Nestalgica - Game & Sound - qwertyGUY - Jazz Paladin VGM Covers - Box Monkey Studios - Ground Xaer0 - MajinBlue - Ground Xaer0 - RigidatoMS - Game & Sound - Phoenix Pinion - GBelair - GBelair - Let’s Play Content of Various Castlevania Games Sourced From Below Links: SSoHPKC - Crimeinpartner - PrinceBoo21 - RichterBelmont - SSoHPKC - MysticGamer - Belmontmegafan66 - Gameplay and Talk - ClementJ64 - BeholdMyStrength -


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