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Rant and Watch Engages with Star Trek Picard - Episode 1 [SPOILERS!]

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Note: SPOILERS!!!! This series assumes you have already watched each episode of Star Trek Picard before enjoying our thoughts! Greg and Steve from Dying of Exposure are on a ten episode mission to watch and talk about Star Trek Picard. With the return of their childhood hero and space daddy, Patrick Stewart, the two are ready to be amused, impressed, depressed, and otherwise enthralled with this sequel series to Star Trek: TNG. Rather than watch and react, this series focuses on the comments during the watching. Each scene in the episode causing a bit of interest and discussion, creating questions that will hopefully be answered, and the show as a whole is just to express the feelings and insights on Picard as it relates to both Star Trek as a whole, and Greg and Steve as life long Star Trek fans. The few clips of the actual series itself are utilized to provide context to which scenes and where Greg and Steve are at while discussing and critiquing the details of those scenes, character choices, and plot points. All footage and imagery of Star Trek Picard is, of course, owned by CBS and are only being used for commentary and critical purposes. You should really get on CBS All Access, with more Trek coming via Discovery Season 3, Below Decks the Animated Series, and potential future series (oh, and with Star Trek Picard already being renewed for a season 2 of course!) Check out episodes of Star Trek Picard here: Remember to like and subscribe to Dying of Exposure on Youtube, as well as follow us on social media @DyingofExposure. Live long and prosper!



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