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Chimerror Sucks at Pokemon Shield (A Nuzlocke Run) - Episode 1

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Chimerror joins Dying of Exposure to educate us on the ways of Pokemon Shield. With two woefully under-educated companions at either side of her (Steve and Triple A Rawn), she barrels through a Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Shield. This has special requirements to make the game a bit harder as well as more entertaining. Steve and Triple A Rawn are mostly there for commentary and to distract Chimerror, having only watched some of the anime or played the original Red and Blue respectively (though Steve's played a fair amount of Pokemon Go). In the first episode (edited from Chimerror's twitch stream with link below) we create Jezza, the ultimate good boy, the fanciest lad, and the peppiest young trainer that Engla...err...Galar has to offer. Watch the episode as we obtain our starter, our first pair of follow ups, and interact with our squatmaster rival, Hop. We live, we laugh, we threaten to murder our pokemon if they faint during battle. Good times had by all. Episodes of this series are edited down from Twitch Live Streams on Chimerror's Twitch Channel and will upload roughly bi-weekly. What a journey this will be for 2020. Go over and watch our second session now on Chimerror's Twitch Chimerror's Twitch Episode 2: Triple A Rawn's Dank Meme Channel The Rules for Nuzlocke Runs in Pokemon And of course like and subscribe to Dying of Exposure @DyingofExposure on social media, here on the Youtube channel, or over at Pokemon Shield, Sword, and all other Pokemon Imagery and Music are owned by Nintendo and Game Freaks (in the case of Shield). We were not paid for nor do we intend our views or opinions to represent the Pokemon Company at large. This is just for fun folks! Thanks for watching the video!

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