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Nerd Music in Judgement Episode 3 - Alter Ego by Lex the Lexicon Artist

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Nerd Music in Judgment is a series of music reviews by Steven Kelsey of Dying of Exposure. Focused on music genres such as Nerdcore Hip Hop, Chiptunes, Geek Rock, Video Game Cover Music, and other geeky subgenres of music, Steve has been a performing musician for over two decades and seeks to spread quality nerd tunes to the masses through these reviews. Nerd Music in Judgment tackles its third full LP in the form of Lex the Lexicon Artists sophomore full length album, Alter Ego. Here we have a more introspective, serious, torn expression of Lex than she has ever revealed in the past. A fantastic album with some real top shelf singles peppered throughout. I dug this album, and its message, big time and I'm excited to listen to it on repeat for several months to come. Find out more about Lex the Lexicon Artist at the Links Below: The Website: The Youtube: The Facebook: The Instagram: The Twitter: Listen and Purchase the Music, INCLUDING THE NEW ALBUM ALTER EGO! The Bandcamp: And remember to like and subscribe to Dying of Exposure here on Youtube and follow us @DyingofExposure on the social Medias (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Thanks for watching!



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