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Highly Illogical Episode 2 - Yesteryear

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Highly Illogical is a Dying of Exposure Series where Steve watches through and provides criticsim, observation, and details on the red-shirted stepchild of the Star Trek fandom, the original 1973 Star Trek animated Series. This is a bi-weekly, episode-by-episode review of the the animated Star Trek. The second episode, Yesteryear, continues to impress with a great call back to the original series via The Guardian gate, and some good diving into Spock's character and past. Watch Star Trek the Animated Series on CBS All Access All animated cell images and animations are owned by CBS and Paramount Productions, produced by Filmation. This video is intended to critique and review each episode and is not a method of viewing the episode online. Animation clips were re-organized, trimmed, and reshuffled and do not appear in their original order, transformed


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