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D&D Live Play "Through the Mill" - Episode 2 - Bandit Battle

In a world of bandits, guns, horses, mages, oasis, deserts, plains, lawlessness, and all manner of crazy critters, we find our group of six strange allies in the land of Litet, the country of Odai, and the welcoming wet embrace of the Jewel of the West, Water's Wealth. A town with scoundrels, gamblers, farmers, and fraught with peril. Say howdy to our friendly players, Camille, Dandy, Brandon, Selene, Josh, and Greg as they are guided by Steve, their game mommy, through the western wastes in this Homebrew D&D 5th edition world. EPISODE 2 - Bandit Battle After deciding against the cost-to-benefit disparity that was taking on a fort of 100+ Kenku, our posse discovers a bandit camp and prepares for their first combat as a team. Surely nothing can hurt them, yes? We'll find out in this second episode of Through the Mill, when we watch our heroes try to recover what was taken from Bill Buxley's Carnival. Join us weekly during the quarantine on (typically Tuesdays at 7:30 PM Pacific Time) or follow the action here every following Friday on our Youtube. To learn more about our players, check out our website, or follow some of the links below. Greg Spyridis as Skitaki Skato the Bugbear Ranger *ALSO check out their game they published 15 years ago: Valherjar! Josh Klopfenstein as Trapir Bramblepelt the Coyote Druid *ALSO check out their nerdy rap music Camille Rochester as Patience Pratt the Tiefling Wild Magic Sorcerer *ALSO check out their preferred charity portal: Brandon Wilson as Barrosh "Barry" the Half-orc Barbarian Selene Toffoli as Velvet Star the Tabaxi Rogue *ALSO check out their music at Daniel "Dandy" Woods as Krahv'Har the Dragonborn Paladin *ALSO check him out in a clip from the show "Of Dice and Men" at PAX WEST WAY back in 2010! Steven Perry Kelsey aka C0splay as the Game Mommy (GM) *ALSO check his music out on or Dying of Exposure Uses the Following to Stream and present their remote D&D To you! Character Sheet Management: OBS for the Streaming and Recording: Inkarnate for the Maps: Twitch to stream live: Discord for the Video Chat: Free Music Archive to Source the Music: Music in today's episode was brought to you by: Lobo Loco via the Free Music Archive "Happy Hour" "Jerry Gabler's Gang" All images sourced and licensed properly with Remember to like and subscribe to this video to get updates on all of Dying of Exposures content, including this series, go follow us on, and follow us on Facebook/Twitter @dyingofexposure. Thank you for watching the video and have a great day!



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